Religious leadership for creating world peace

19 July 2015

Mr. Aamir J. Sheikh, President of Foundation Dialog for Peace invite Fr. Emmanuel Edeh from Nigeria to Norway first time to talk how can religious leader create world peace?

Fr. Emmanuel Edeh a priest from Nigeria, philosopher, writer, scholar and Founder of the Peace Centre Elele, Port harcourt Nigeria for his works towards peaceful eradication of terrorism and violent extremism.

Since 1985, starting from helping the war victims from the civil war in Nigeria, Fr. Edeh, has been involved in the social uplift and rehabilitation of victims from various terrorists and environmental disasters. In the past thirty years his support and rehabilitation works and network have grown globally starting from Nigeria with the Maitatsine terror uprising and Boko Haram, to the Norwegian Red Cross, UNICEF and Syrian War Refugees to just name a few.
Photos by Ken Opprann
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