Memorial Peace Marking for the terror victims in Abidjan, Istanbul, Bagdad, Brussel and Lahore

29th March 2016 at head office to the Norwegian Red Cross

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg participated in the memorial for peace with the world's ambassadors.

Terror is an attack on ordinary people and innocent civilians. But it is also an attack on our common democratic values. An attack on our freedom and our democracy. It is an attack on values ​​that are inviolable. Terrorism cannot be tolerated in any of its forms. The terrorists do not use words. They use weapons. They will destroy, spread fear and divide. The goal is the same: to hit as many innocent people as possible. To prevent us from unfolding our daily lives. To limit our freedom.

Again, we are brutally reminded that the fight against terrorism is by no means over. It goes on in our own communities - every single day. The world community must stand together. We must meet and prevent the threat of violent extremism.
Photos by Ken Opprann
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